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Trauma is stored in the Body

Everything we experience is not only stored in our brains, but it is also stored in the cells and nerves of our bodies and until we work through the trauma it remains in our being. if the stress, tension or trauma is left there for long periods of time it can cause ailments, disease, pain and illness. Body scan meditation is used to locate where the tension and trauma is being stored and by working through each part of our body in a safe environment with a trained Holistic Counsellor and Meditation Teacher, body scanning helps to pin point the root cause of the trauma and where it is being held. Through identifying this, and with counselling, you are able to go deeply into your mind and body and start to unravel the pain you are feeling. This practice, practised daily can reduce symptoms by calming the nervous system the body can begin to relax and resume it's natural flow and state of homeostasis, where the body can begin to heal as it becomes better balanced to do so.

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