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The art of practicing Zen Meditation is a wonderful therapy for staying present in the current moment, living life joyously in the present moment and not mourning the past or anticipating the future.  Zen Meditation practiced daily allows us to release past events and traumas that can keep us in a closed loop cycle of dwelling and mourning past events. In order for Zen Meditation to be most successful it is best that past traumas are dealt with and healed as best as possible so that the brain and amygdala part of the brain doesn't keep us returning to those difficult memories which are stored in our memory banks.  Zen enables us to experience life in it's blissful form in the present allowing us to get on with our day to day activities like a child would, playing, being happy and joyous in the moment and awakening to each experience every day, allowing it to flow like every moment is a brand new moment to be experienced.  For all enquiries on Zen meditation and to book a session message me directly here on my website. 

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