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The way we perceive the world and other people is based on the lenses that we are looking out from. In each case what determines each person's perceptions and lenses is a multi-faceted internal belief system. From the day we are born we are given a name, a family (the environment we are raised in), a culture/heritage, a religious belief or non-religious belief, traditions, schooling and teachers, employers and hierarchy's which all lead to a belief system about ourselves. These dynamics are engrained from the teachings of generational programming and the world around us. Our belief systems form judgements which mould the way we view the world. So, when they say you can't please everyone it is because everyone is looking from their own perspectives and belief systems which may not align with your own. These beliefs form the basis of being able to or not being able to see another person's point of view and understanding one another and how others live. Allowing your mind to be open enables us to learn more about each other in a nonjudgmental way. Peace.

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