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The Pillars of Inner Peace are comprised of Forgiveness, Acceptance, Appreciation and Compassion.  Aligning these pillars helps to create a a healthier YOU and healthier Relationships.  How often have you heard people say Forgiveness is important for our own inner peace?  These words are in fact true.  How often have you also heard Forgiveness does not mean you forget what someone may have done to you, these words are also true.  When we hold onto resentment, hatred, unforgiveness against a person that has done us wrong, we are in fact hurting ourselves, not them.  They more than likely have already moved on, where we can be left behind with these feelings and remain stuck.  There is great wisdom is forgiveness, it sets you free.  It certainly does not mean that you condone the behaviour, it simply allows you to be free of feelings that don't serve you or make you feel good.

Part of Forgiveness is Acceptance, to be able to forgive there has to be an element of Acceptance, so allowing yourself to say I don't approve of the behaviour but I now accept that this is how some people behave, it can be a hard pill to swallow but one that is necessary in the process of aligning your pillars of mental well being. Appreciation falls into the same category of Gratitude, when we can appreciate things and good people and situations in our lives we open ourselves up to be grateful.  A grateful heart creates a healthy brain because we are able to look at our glass half full rather than empty.  Appreciation also releases feel good hormones and chemicals into our blood stream like oxytocin which enhances our moods.  Compassion is a human quality that we all ideally want to be able to give to another human being and also be on the receiving end of compassion also.  Compassion helps us to feel heard, supported, loved and worthy.  Spread compassion where you can.  The world needs more of it. Blessings.

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