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Have you ever heard the saying, "Happiness is an Inside Job?"  Well this is actually true.  Happiness is not something that just naturally exists in our bodies or circulates in our bodies.  Happiness is something we cultivate, manifest and make for ourselves.  An analogy would be the body needs vitamins and minerals to function at is optimum, but the body doesn't make all of it's own vitamins, we have to give and feed them to our bodies through diet and supplements for the body to stay healthy, and the same is with Happiness. Happiness is an every day pursuit that we make a conscious effort to instill in ours lives, through our thought processes, our environment, relationships, diet, exercise, support networks, finances, shelter and what lenses we are looking through and perceive our lives.  It is a feeling that we are actually in control of. Holistic Counselling looks at the Foundations of Life to reach our full potential and self actualization and we look at ways to increase happiness in your personal life.  We do this through goal setting, cognitive behaviour therapy, affirmations, and trauma release work. We go deeper into the mind, body and soul connection and by also holding space a Holistic Counsellor will help you find what may be missing in your life that is not enhancing the feeling of well being and happiness. This is a powerful look into our psyche of ourselves and through exploration with a trained therapist it helps to unfold this dynamic and creates more positive loving intentions to create more happiness. 

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