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I named my practice Zen Holistic Counselling because Zen is the art of living in the present moment.  My Holistic Counselling service supports Women's emotional, physical and spiritual health and well-being, and helps Women to recognize that we have the natural innate ability to heal and empower ourselves when we embark on a journey deep within, and when we embrace the healing that comes from releasing trauma and changing the way we see our situations.  

Holistic Counselling is about aligning the Mind, Body and Spirit to work peacefully as one, understanding that these three components of ourselves are designed to be in harmony with one another and the harmonious balance in turn allows us to build foundations of happiness and resilience in our day to day life.

Zen Holistic Counselling


"A State of Living Consciously in the Present Moment, Peacefully, Earnestly and Joyfully" 



I offer Face to Face Counselling in my Boutique Counselling and Meditation Space in the Northern Suburbs of Brisbane or in the peaceful surrounds of nature. Phone Counselling and Zoom Sessions are also available.  All new clients receive a Free Gratitude Journal and Health Care Card Holders receive the first three sessions half price.

Kundalini Yoga Breathing


Zen Holistic Counselling




Zen Holistic Counselling

Holistic counselling distinguishes itself from conventional counselling by adopting a more comprehensive and integrative approach to mental well-being. While traditional counselling often focuses on identifying and addressing specific problems, holistic counselling takes a broader perspective. It recognizes that mental health is intricately connected to physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a person's life. Holistic counsellors emphasize the importance of considering the whole person and their unique circumstances. This approach extends beyond mere symptom management and instead seeks to promote overall wellness and personal growth. One key element of holistic counselling is the incorporation of positive psychology, which underscores the importance of cultivating strengths, resilience, and well-being rather than solely concentrating on what is wrong with an individual. Positive psychology encourages the exploration of one's potential, the fostering of positive emotions, and the development of a sense of purpose and fulfilment. Holistic counsellors aim to empower their clients to not only overcome challenges but also to thrive by fostering a positive mindset and emphasizing personal growth, ultimately helping individuals achieve a state of well-being that encompasses emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Holistic counselling places a strong emphasis on empowering individuals with knowledge, understanding, skills, and tools to take charge of their own well-being. Unlike many traditional forms of counselling, which may adopt a more passive approach, holistic counselling actively involves clients in their healing process. Holistic counsellors work collaboratively with their clients, guiding them to explore the interconnected aspects of their lives, such as nutrition, exercise, mindfulness practices, and spiritual beliefs. By gaining a deeper understanding of these factors, individuals are better equipped to make informed choices that support their mental and emotional health. Holistic counselling encourages self-awareness and self-empowerment, fostering a sense of autonomy and control over one's mental well-being. Through the acquisition of valuable skills and tools, individuals can proactively manage their stress, anxiety, and other challenges, reducing the need for ongoing therapeutic intervention. Holistic counselling becomes a catalyst for personal growth and self-improvement, leading to a more balanced and fulfilled life. It is a dynamic approach that goes beyond treating symptoms. Holistic counselling goes beyond conventional methods by embracing a comprehensive and integrative perspective on mental health. It understands the deep connection between our physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Holistic counselling focuses on strengths, resilience, and well-being. It encourages exploring one's potential, fostering positive emotions, and finding a sense of purpose. Holistic counselling actively involves clients in their healing process, empowering clients. It equips them with knowledge, skills, and resources extending far beyond sessions. Holistic counsellors work in partnership with clients to explore different aspects of their lives, from nutrition and exercise to mindfulness practices and spiritual beliefs. This understanding leads to better-informed choices that support mental and emotional health. Holistic counselling encourages self-awareness.



Goal Setting -  Goal Setting is a way for a Holistic Therapist to look at what you would like to achieve in your life that may be currently missing.  Together we will embark on strategies and the Pyramid Method to set new positive goals to enable you to feel more in control in your own life and help to empower you to reach your goals.

Life Bubble Exercise - Together I will take you through quizzes and surveys to help identify what may be lacking in your life, where we will be able to identify with what voids may need to be filled to feel happy and fulfilled.

Breathwork - Breathwork invokes the relaxation response and helps to oxygenate the body and keep us healthy.  Zen Holistic Counselling will teach you how to ignite deep breath into your system and through breathwork how to activate your Relaxation Response and calm your Nervous System which reduces stress and aids in promoting other health benefits eg. less toxins in your body and a healthier mind set.

Mantras - Mantras are a powerful tool in helping to change our mindset, to think more positively and feel better and more aligned within ourselves.  Every time we say something positive to ourselves we are rewiring our brains neural brain circuits and reinforcing and reinstating a new way of thinking and believing in who we are.

Affirmations - When we affirm positive affirmations about ourselves, our lives, and what we desire it creates new neural pathways and helps us to create a healthier mindset.  Affirmations said daily creates new belief patterns and can change the way you see yourself, others and life.

Zen Holistic Counselling

 Life is a Balance of Mind, Body and Spirit.

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"I had several Holistic Counselling Sessions with Maria and I would definitely recommend her.   I would say Maria is the modern day Healer who specialises in providing knowledge and tools to work with your mind, body and spirit as a whole.  Think part psychology/part physiology/part spiritual knowledge with intuitive nudges kicked in.  I loved Maria's self created Studio of peace and tranquility and her compassion and devotion to healing is something to behold.  Thanks Maria for taking so much time to really listen to me, I felt heard, understood and supported.  Thanks also for being committed to my healing journey by customising my "homework" handout sheets . " Namaste.

Jenny Marshall


Invest in Yourself and Create More Harmony,
Peace & Balance in Your Life.

Are you ready to experience the power of Holistic Counselling & Meditation Coaching?
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